A Simple Guide to Sharing Big Files



Big files are best shared over the cloud, that way you are not limited by the storage space or internet connectivity of your device. While Google Drive is a great alternative to Sharepoint and Dropbox, its major flaw lies in the fact that it is almost impossible to share large files without using some third-party software. Here’s how you can easily share files up to 10GB on Google Drive. Sharing big files is one of the most productive ways to collaborate with people you don’t know. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most frustrating. When sharing large files online, there are a lot of things that can go wrong: email servers can be too slow; websites can crash, and download times can be painfully long.

Why do you share it?

Communication is the key to success in every aspect of life. It is not an exception when you are talking about business. If your business involves sharing files with your colleagues, partners, or clients, you want to make sure that this process runs as smoothly as possible. But most of us don’t have access to a reliable internet connection at all times. As a result, sending big files can be very tricky and frustrating. For example, if you are a creative designer, you can share artworks or videos with your clients. Or if you have some important documents to send to someone, there are many online sharing websites for big files. You will need to sign up for an account on these sites and then upload the file that you want to share.

Disadvantages of big file sharing

Sharing big files such as photos, videos, and software applications on the internet is a great way to share with friends and family. However, it can be quite an ordeal to send or receive these files on public networks like the ones at cafes. The biggest problem with sending large files on public WiFi hotspots is that they often don’t provide enough bandwidth for you to upload and download them quickly. Some providers even have data caps that may let you run out of data before your file is even downloaded. Big files are very useful. They contain lots of information for users. But many problems occur when people Big file send, such as:

  •  Hard to download due to the slow internet speed,
  • Hard to store because of the limited capacity of storage devices,
  • And easy to be damaged during transmission.
  • Therefore, there is a need for an offline solution that allows people to easily manage their big files without an internet connection or storage devices.


Do you know what happens when you share big files with someone? It takes a lot of time and bandwidth, but the most obvious issue is that it’s not easy to do. If you have ever tried to share a large file online, then you understand how frustrating it can be. You have to attach the file to an email message and hope that your recipient is able to download it from their end. The process can be very complicated if they don’t have the same type of computer.