Absolutely handsome but not taking pictures, Maxens Gomez was “Too drunk”

Maxens Gomez

Maxens Gomez is a good-looking and an adorable American artist that is very smart and fashionable.

Recently, in a party at the Hotel Ritz in Paris, Maxens Gomez was seen to be dressed in a pair of a beautiful blue jean trousers, a black Christian Dior Sweatshirt, a sneaker of the rhinestone Louis Vuitton makes; he adorned his ears with Gucci earrings, his neck beautified with a diamond necklace and a diamond watch on his wrist.

He was not alone; he came along with a girl he introduced and enjoyed himself to the fullest in the party. Having confessed to be too drunk in the party on that day, he was on cloud nine throughout the whole party.

As a popular artist, a lot of fans begged and wanted to hear him sing one of his upcoming songs and take pictures with him, but Maxens Gomez professed that, “he was too drunk to take pictures” and so he could not take pictures with the fans as they desired.

Very soon, there will be a meeting in Paris for his new upcoming album with the location still unknown.


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