BU filed defamation charges against two students!

BU filed defamation charges against two students!
BU filed defamation charges against two students!

BU Correspondent: An organization called Jagrat Tarunya, a student of Barisal University, has organized a human chain in protest of defamation and extortion by spreading false information against two students. The two students who have been charged are Shafiq Munshi, a Masters’s student of the 2013-14 session of the Political Science Department, and Khairul Islam Sohag, a 2017-18 academic year student of the Finance and Banking Department.

Shahbaz Mia Shovon, a 2014-15 session student of Computer Science and Engineering Department of the university, the founder of Joy Bangla Youth Award-winning social organization Jagrat Tarunya, made these allegations in a human chain in front of Ashwini Kumar Hall in the city at 10:30 am on Thursday (June 10).

Shahbaz Mia Shovon said that today’s human chain program is to demand strict trial of campus yellow journalists Khairul Islam Sohag and Shafiq Munshi for publishing completely false, baseless, and defamatory news. Shafiq Munshi and his cronies have been demanding extortion for a long time for fear of spreading unethical news in the name of journalism. They are spreading false information against me without getting any money.

This cycle has discovered a new definition of extortion. They wanted 5,000 rupees to eat sweets. I am a student, he has spread fabricated information against me for not being able to pay so much money.

He has taken everyone hostage in the university. We have given all the information, data, and evidence to the journalists and the appropriate authorities and Shafiq Munshi, Sohag and their crooks have been spreading completely false and untrue baseless information about me through social media and harassing me through defamation and cyberbullying. I will take legal action.

Md. Mostaq Hasan Neon, Vice President of Patuakhali District Unit, said that Mr. Shahbaz Mia Shovon Bhai is a peddler of humanity. Defamation by not getting the money. We demand severe punishment and justice for these extortionist and yellow journalists.

Meanwhile, in response to the human chain and press conference of the awakened youth, Shafiq Munshi, a master’s student of the 2013-14 session of the accused political science department, organized a human chain under the banner of ordinary students at the main gate of Barisal University campus at 11 am.

In the human chain, he said, the allegations made by Shahbaz Mia Sovan to the university administration and the allegations made in the name of the press conference are completely false. These amount to the torture of journalists. Nothing but harassment as a normal human being. Declaring Shovon unwanted on campus at the time, he said Shahbaz Mia Shovon was declared unwanted on campus until he apologized for the false allegations.

Asked about the allegations, Khairul Islam Sohag said that for some time now, Shahbaz Mia Shovon has been accused of using the crest and picture of an organization on social media without permission.

In the context of which I serve news with the full statement of the accused and the plaintiff. I have served the news in accordance with the policy of publishing news. There is no question of revenge here. He has tried to conspire against me with false, fabricated and fabricated stories which is tantamount to harassment of journalists.

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