Corona vaccine is being produced in Pakistan.

Corona Vaccine
Corona Vaccine

Researchers are concerned that the raw material for making the first vaccine this month has started at the cemetery in Islamabad.

The Pakistani media The Nation published a report on Tuesday. A single-dose vaccine invented by China’s Cansino Bio Inc. is being manufactured at a factory in Pakistan’s National Institutes of Health (NIH), it said. This tick has been named ‘Pak-Vak’. This initiative will go a long way in meeting the demand for corona vaccine in Pakistan.

The report further said that 1 lakh 24 thousand Pak-Vacc vaccines have already been developed in Pakistan. The vaccination will begin later this month.

According to Gulf News, an influential media outlet in the Middle East, the vaccine has been developed following the World Health Organization’s (WHO) standards and other regulatory standards.

Faisal Sultan, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan’s special assistant for health, said they initially had the capacity to produce 100,000 doses of vaccine a day. This vaccine is an important step in meeting the needs of the country.

Faisal tweeted congratulations to NIH and its leadership for successfully producing the vaccine in collaboration with Cansino Bio Inc.

The Pakistani government has also announced the start of vaccine production on its Twitter handle. It has been said that this vaccine of domestically produced corona will greatly reduce Pakistan’s dependence on other countries.

Last month, NIH officials said they would start production of Cansino Bio Inc.’s coronavirus vaccine in Pakistan from May. Accordingly, the raw material for making the vaccine reached Pakistan earlier this month. Neighboring India is producing vaccines invented by Oxford-Astrageneca. This time vaccination started in Pakistan.

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