Everything You Need To Understand About Kaolin Clays!


The usage of clay in skincare has been going on for a long time. There are different types of clays used in this field. Amongst them, Kaolin Clay appears to be the most gentle one. In recent times, it is being used as a major component of general beauty care in India. Researches have not found any threat to the skin as a side effect of using this clay.

Origin of Kaolin Clay:

In China, there is a hill named “Kaoling.” This is where the Kaolin Clay was first discovered. The clay was used there largely in the manufacturing of porcelain. In addition, it was also used as a form of medication in terms of curing Diarrhea.

Properties of Kaolin Clay:

Kaolin Clay is enriched with “Kaolinite,” which is a kind of mineral. The texture of the clay happens to be very soft. Its pH is neutral. Besides, it consists of Silica Dioxide. The color of this clay is white in general. But at times, it can appear in other colors, too, such as greenish or pinkish (mainly). The color varies based on the presence of different kinds of minerals within the clay. Nevertheless, the white color denotes the purity of the clay. More white the clay, the better it is!

Benefits of Kaolin Clay:

Kaolin Clay plays a pretty decent role in taking care of the skin. It appears suitable for any skin, be it sensitive, mature, or dry. Due to its charming qualities, it has managed to secure a position in beauty products.  And here the package comes!

  • Nourishment:

Kaolin Clay nourishes the skin. It helps to make the skin healthy, as well as soft. It does not leave the skin dry like other clays or clay products.         

  • Oiliness:

Kaolin Clay helps in controlling the oiliness of the skin. It takes part in clearing out the dirty pores of the face without removing the natural oils from the skin. It can also absorb the excess oil or sebum from the face.

  • Skin irritations:

Kaolin Clay contains some properties of healing. Hence, various kinds of skin irritations, such as rashes, insect bites, itches, etc., could be soothed by applying this clay. Here, it must be kept in mind that it should be used as a primary relief, not an ultimate one.

  • Natural exfoliation:

Kaolin Clay offers a sort of exfoliation and detoxification to the skin. It removes the bacteria from the skin. Besides, it erases the trails of dead skin cells from the face and causes neither itchiness nor redness.

  • Toning:

The use of Kaolin Clay could stimulate the skin cells. Long usage of it could result in brightening the skin color and well-toned skin.

Other :

Apart from all these, Kaolin Clay can also be used in natural shampoo to take care of the hair. It keeps the scalp clean, oil-free, and dirt-free. In addition, it also hardens hair roots and escalates blood circulation.


The usage of Kaolin Clay is expanding widely in face care makeup products, as people are becoming more cautious and caring towards their skins. Therefore, today, they prefer natural skin care products over synthetic beauty or cosmetic products as a whole.


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