For the second wave of the corona, Parents worried about Jacqueline!


The second wave of the corona has caused panic in India. The death rate is not decreasing at all. Meanwhile, Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez has been busy shooting several photos.

Even with the help of ordinary people, he has come down with his waist tied. This Bollywood star is serving food to the destitute, helpless people with his own hands.

He is taking care of the helpless animals along the way. Jacqueline’s parents are worried about her daughter’s actions. They want the girl to return home now in this situation.

Jacqueline, 35, lived in Sri Lanka. He went to India for work and is now a resident of Mumbai.

His parents now live in Bahrain. Jacqueline’s parents are worried about the difficult situation in India during the Corona period. So their call, girl come back to Bahrain, stay with them.

Jacqueline said in an interview. This Bollywood star said,‘My friends in Sri Lanka and my parents in Bahrain are very worried about me. They see the situation in India in the news and are shocked to see all this.

‘Jacqueline added,’ They (parents) want me to go to Bahrain and stay with them. Even my uncles and cousins ​​want me to go back to Sri Lanka. And I go there and stay with them. But I want to stay here and keep myself busy. ‘

From the beginning of the Corona period, Jacqueline has extended a helping hand to people in many ways.

He recently launched an organization called You Only Live Once (YOLO). Through this organization, he has also been associated with several NGOs.

The Bollywood star has provided food to 100,000 people, food to stray animals, and masks to Mumbai police through YOLO.

Distributed sanitizer. A few days ago, a video came out of Jacqueline, where she was seen cooking and distributing food. Jacqueline’s fans are very happy and inspired by the subject.

Jacqueline currently has films like ‘Kick Two’, ‘Ghost Police’, ‘Circus’, ‘Bachchan Pandey’, ‘Ram Setu’ in her hands.

He is also going to make his debut in Hollywood. Jacqueline is going to set foot in Hollywood with Leena Yadav’s ‘Sharing a Ride’.

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