How do you handle employee grievance effectively?

handle employee grievances effectively

What is employee grievance? It can be simply defined as the misconduct between the employees and the employer on certain issues. When their needs are not satisfied, or they are not able to achieve any results, this may lead to employee dissatisfaction. So to handle employee grievance effectively is key to becoming a successful organization.

The HR of every company is required to handle employee grievance effectively, so it does not become a great challenge in personnel management. So, in order to take the company forward, it is very important for the company to handle their employees and treat them as priority, especially in today’s scenario, where employees are well-informed of their rights.

Causes of Employee Grievance

It can be due to many reasons:

  • Changes with no notice
  • Demotion
  • Promotion
  • Transfer to an undesirable location
  • Improper distribution of wages
  • Overtime
  • Leaves not given
  • Lack of discipline

Handle Employee Grievances Effectively in the following ways:

HR management

A Human Resource Manager in every company has the responsibility to look after their employees. They are required to handle any kind of misbehaviour against any employee. Also, they have the power to take the required actions.

Every HR manager must have the emotional intelligence to understand the feelings of their employees. They can simply have a one-to-one conversation with the employee. This will help them know if the employees are facing any issues in the workplace.

Employee meetings can also be held where they can discuss their issues with HR. This will collectively help resolve the issues by coming up with the right solutions. This in turn promote better employee health and wellbeing in the company.

Solution box

Every company must have a suggestion/solution box with them. In this, every employee who is facing any issue or has a way to tackle the issue can write it down on a piece of paper. These suggested slips can help the company in making effective decisions for their employees and handle employee grievance effectively.

Communication to the concerned ones

Knowing the root cause of the problem is very important to resolve the issue. For this, it is very important on the part of HR to communicate with the concerned person. Moreover, he is also responsible for personnel management. This is done to maintain the good image of the company as well.

Strict policies

The policy must be formulated and executed by every employee to overcome the issue of an employee grievance. These policies must be accessible to every employee in the company. They must follow the policies before any conflict or misconduct happens. These will help prevent forwarding any complaints.

Policies are made to reflect justice in every company. No employee must feel that they are mistreated or that there are any partial judgments. Every employee is equal in all perspectives in every company.

Confidentiality of every employee is a must

All the information gathered by the HR Manager must be kept confidential strictly. This is done so that the employee must feel secured and safe after sharing their issues. This helps to build a trustworthy relationship between the employee and the employer.

Proper investigation is a must

Even if the information obtained through the conduct of meetings is not enough, collecting specific facts and figures will work. The grievance committee can carry this process of investigation. The information obtained from the formal meetings is usually one-sided. So, it is important to get deeper into the validation.

Communicating the solution

It is very important to communicate the solution to the employee who is going through the issue. Also, it is the company’s responsibility to keep the employee informed of the process going in the grievance process. This is done to show respect towards the employee.

So, this also reflects upon the fairness and respect towards the employee. This will enable the concerned employee to take further decisions accordingly.

Still not satisfied? Go to a higher authority

If the decision informed by the employee grievance team is not satisfactory, then you are required to take this issue to a higher level. At this level, more people shall be involved to work towards the issue and resolve it at the earliest.

Coming up with alternative courses of action shall be important to resolve the issue quickly.


So, as you can see that there are many ways to handle employee grievance effectively. You just need to have a complete focus on your employees so that your company grows with minimum challenges. Moreover, every employee is a part of the company and responsible for the success of the company.


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