Has Your Canadian Tourist Visa Petition Been Rejected? What Choices Do You Have?


Canada is one of the leading overseas destinations which continue to inspire a large number of visitors from practically all over the globe, who visit the nation using the various available Canadian visa options. Tourist Visa is a popular choice for gaining entry into the Maple Country (Canada).

However, much like other kinds of permits, it’s really not easy to get these prized Tourist Permits. In case one applies for such a visa, he may learn that his petition has been dismissed even as it could prove to be pretty upsetting and demoralizing for him.

What to do in such a circumstance? Re-applying post any Canada Visa Online refusal is always a good choice under the given circumstance. Though re-applying is one of the available choices for dealing with a permit refusal, one also has the option of appealing.

Which is a better option for a refused tourist permit-re-applying or appealing?

Which of the above given options to make use of– re-apply for a Canadian tourist permit, or proceed ahead with the procedure of the appeals–entirely depends on one’s specific personal circumstance. Besides, it also depends on the fact as to why one’s petition for a Canadian Permit was rejected at all.

A case in point is: does one believe that the presiding visa official made a mistake in refusing one’s petition, and there were no errors whatsoever in the petition on one’s own part? In case this holds true, one would do well to file an appeal against the petition refusal for Canada Tourist Visa before the Canadian Federal Court.

It needs to be observed that it is a pretty difficult procedure even as the concerned applicant would tremendously benefit if he engages a registered immigration attorney–when the requirement for making a successful argument one one’s behalf in court–arises.

In case the aspirant has made an error on his initial petition, he would do well to re-apply with the right facts on the petition. For instance, the applicant may have made an error on his initial petition, and/or forgotten to incorporate some key papers, which could be essential for the petition to be duly entertained, like evidence of associations with one’s home nation, and evidence that one may well support self while inside Canada. The candidate will be also required to clearly give details on his petition as to why suddenly he has fresh data at his disposal, which may boost the likelihood of his petition being accepted.

In case one re-applies for a Tourist Permit on his own, he could be refused in the same manner as earlier. It is essential to ensure that the applicant thoroughly discusses his various available options with a registered immigration attorney before having his case thoroughly and properly evaluated by the said professional.


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