Here is What Work Does Loan DSA Agent Have to Perform?


One of the crucial roles to play in the sector of banking is that of loan dsa partner. A DSA or Direct Selling Agent has many tasks to perform in the field of loans. These agents are the ones who build a connection between an applicant of loan and the provider of it, i.e., bank, which they are working with.

These agents also perform a basic checking of the application forms of loan to make sure whether they are filled following the given guidelines and submitted along with required documents correctly.

What Task A Loan DSA Agent Have To Do?

Below stands a list of the roles a DSA has to perform in detail.

  • Involvement with sales:

Direct Selling Agents have to be engaged in distributing and marketing the services offered by the bank or the financial institution, which they would be working. If they fail to perform their task properly, there might be a chance of getting terminated permanently from the business agreement with the concerned bank or financial institution. Even, it may result in being black-listed by the entire industry, that too forever.

  • Contacting prospective customers:

When the customers show interest in any scheme, offer, or service of the bank concerned and agree to receive calls wishing to know more, the DSAs can give them a call. On the contrary, who have not shown any interest in the offers or have refused them, the agents would not be allowed to call them for the next three months.

Here, it must also be kept in mind that the agents usually call the customers during work hours, but only when the customers feel convenient.

  • Protecting the privacy of customers:

The priority of the agents would be the protection of the privacy of the prospective customers. The interests of the customers could only be discussed with them, and if the customers appoint someone else as their representative by themselves, only then DSAs can contact them.

  • Connecting through text message:

As mentioned before, DSAs are allowed to call the customers only. But in a situation where the customers cannot receive the calls, the agents have to leave a text message so that the customers call back later. The format of the text message is given below-

“(Name of DSA), representing (Name of bank or financial institution), called and requested to call back at (Contact number).”

  • Offering no misguidance:

The DSA would not offer false statements of any kind or misguide the customers with fake promises on behalf of the bank or the financial institution.

  • Refusing bribes:

If the prospective customers offer bribes directly or in the form of gifts, the agent should refuse it then and there and must report to the higher authorities.

  • Respecting the customers:

DSAs need to give space to prospective customers. They cannot enter into the customers’ working place or house without their permission. The agents cannot meet the customers in a group. And they need to maintain a professional distance with the customers.

  • Following the rules of calling:

The agents have to clarify the reason for calling. They need to use a language in which the customer is comfortable. They cannot force the customers to talk to them. If a customer denies talking or listening, the agents need to apologize and disconnect the call.

If a customer shows interest in an offer, the agents have to discuss the next call and visit details. Lastly, they would thank that customer by mentioning their name.

There is no need to call the customers who have already applied for the offer the agents are selling.


The job of a DSA needs dedication, hard work, and passion. There is several loan dsa franchise, scattered all over. With utmost determination and by performing the day-to-day responsibilities properly, a Direct Selling Agent can prosper in this field pretty well.

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