How To Experience Energy Therapy With The Qi Coil Qi Machine

Qi Coil

Qi Life Store teamed up with an inspiring team of researchers to create groundbreaking innovations that change the way we meditate. Qi Coils are the advanced portable PEMF system. It uses unique sound and electromagnetic waves to guide your body and mind to the best possible performance. Qi Coils are designed to create specific electromagnetic fields that produce sounds, and they elevate natural human consciousness to much higher than normal levels. This Qi machine helps to remove negativity from the body and absorb positive energy to help true inner harmony and clarity. This technique, like meditation, calms the body, mind, and spirit.

What Are Qi Coils?

Qi Coils broadcast electromagnetic frequencies through our mobile app using a patent-pending magnetic coil. There is a Yin Coil and Yang coil. Qi coils have been designed to clear the negative energy away and start attracting Positive Energy. Now it is easier to calm your mind and find true inner peace using Qi coils. 

Benefits Of Qi Coils

Qi coils are designed to work together with specific sounds and frequencies and will help in enhancing your meditation practice, boosting your personal energy levels, help you attract abundance and manifest your desires, rejuvenate your body and mind, and expand your state of consciousness.

The Qi machine generates frequencies by converting electrical signals into magnetic wave signals. Powered by an amplifier, it transmits frequency signals in the form of energy waves that penetrate every cell in your body, delivering benefits wherever you want. It is the first Neuro-Programming Magnetic Energy Emitter for physical and mental wellness.

How To Use It?

Connect Qi Coil to your smartphone, and log into the Qi Coil App. When the selected frequency plays through the Qi Coil, it generates an electromagnetic field. It has up to a 20 square foot area (Qi Coil Max) and can affect your entire body.

This field then regulates and renews your body’s “biofield,” which over time results in a resilient and positive infusion of your body and mind. The energetic vortex of the Qi coil enables 360-degree directional non-invasive, therapeutic electromagnetic energy (PEMF) to any part of the body, stimulating cells in skin, bones, tissues and nerves.


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