How to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working in Outlook Problems?

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Yahoo mail not working in Outlook is one of the most dreaded problems that an Outlook user can encounter. Yahoo mail not working in Outlook is caused by various reasons such as, downloading software updates, virus, hardware incompatibility and many more. But what ever the reason is, fixing the problem is not that easy and that’s why most people tend to avoid it thinking it is going to be a big hassle. Let us see what are the possible ways to fix the problem if your Yahoo Mail not working in Outlook :

Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working in Outlook Problems

The first and foremost thing that you should do is scan your system for viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, malware and any other harmful objects that may have entered your system without your knowledge. Do a full system scan to make sure if there are any malicious objects in your system. If you find that none is found then go ahead and restart Outlook. It will automatically repair all the damaged and infected files on your system. This may solve the problem.

Hardware incompatibility – If your Windows operating system is not compatible with your hardware, then it is likely that your Yahoo mail not working in Outlook is cause by this issue. Before making any changes to your system you must try out the compatibility version of your operating system. This will help you check the hardware configuration and see whether or not it is working properly. If it is not compatible with your hardware, then you should replace it.

Use the Default Settings – It is very common for most people to customize the settings of their computer to suit their preferences. They may be using a customized user profile and so settings might not be appropriate for their Yahoo mail not working in Outlook program. So in order to fix this problem, you need to customize your user profile and change the settings so that it is compatible with Yahoo mail. Go to the Start menu by clicking the Start button and click Run. Type “msconfig” in the field and enter.

Clean your Windows Registry – The registry is one of the most important parts of your system and if there are errors in it, they will affect your Windows registry negatively. If your registry is not clean, then your Windows will not be able to function properly. When this happens, your software and hardware will stop working properly and you will experience errors. So in order to fix this problem, you need to scan and clean your registry.

You can use a registry cleaner software to fix the errors in your Windows registry. It will detect all the errors in your system and fix them accordingly. If you want to ensure the maximum performance of your Windows operating system, you need to clean up registry periodically so that your software will not encounter problems due to obsolete files and errors. It will also prevent your hardware from getting affected if your software encounters problems because of these obsolete files in the registry.

Clean up system – When you have an error in your Yahoo Mail in Outlook, you need to check for the errors in other software such as Excel, Power Point, Visio and many other applications. If the files are outdate or corrupt, they will slow down your operating system and prevent your files from accessing properly. It is therefore important to remove these files so that you will not experience problems in your Outlook not working in Yahoo Mail.

Bottom Line

You should use software to perform cleaning process so that you can maximize the performance of your computer and system. This will prevent your Yahoo Mail in Outlook from crashing or not working at all. When you perform cleaning process, you need to make sure that you delete all the files in your system and you should not save any file to a storage device.

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