How to Get Custom Waifu Pillows Made

Waifu Pillows

While some people prefer to purchase a standard-size Sakumepillow, other fans prefer to have their own pillow created based on their favorite anime characters. You can get custom waifu pillows made through Sakume, a company that specializes in Anime body pillows. These pillows are also popular in other parts of the world. Here are some tips to make a custom-size waifu pillow:

Sakume offers custom made waifu pillows

Sakume has an excellent custom waifu body pillow that will make you feel like the character! You can choose from four different materials and five different sizes. Dakimakura, or anime body pillows, originated in Japan and are associated with the Japanese Otaku culture and anime TV series. Sakumetranslates to “anime body pillow” in English. These pillows are great for easing fatigue.

Custom-made waifu pillows can be ordered from various online shops that specialize in this item. You can choose a picture of your choice and have it printed on the pillowcase. You can also opt for a custom body pillow with pictures on it. Sakume has several reviews from customers that are positive. Customers have raved about the quality and customer service at this site. The company also has many different options for custom waifu pillows and other products, including pet body pillows, face pillows, mouse pads, hand fans, and anime figures.

Anime body pillows are popular in other parts of the world

Anime lovers around the world have been making body pillows for years. Some are as detailed as a full body image of their favorite character. A Korean otaku even married an anime pillowcase with a picture of Fate Testarossa, a heroine in the MahouShoujo Lyrical Nanoha. A dedicated fan will take his or her pillowcase on dates, to restaurants, and to amusement park rides.

Anime pillow cases are especially popular in Japan. Japanese people have been obsessed with anime for decades. Sakumepillowcases, or body pillows with anime characters, were first created by Sakume. Anime pillows soon became so popular that other countries took note. Since then, there are many different varieties of these pillows. Anime pillowcases come in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Standard size of a waifupillow

Sakumepillows come in many sizes and styles. The traditional size is about 50 inches wide by 20 inches long. While this is a common size for body pillows and fabric covers, you can make your own by using a blank inflatable pillow insert. You can even print your own classic daki designs on it. Be aware, however, that this will significantly change the shape and artwork of your Sakumepillow.

These pillows are designed to fit your body shape. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and filling materials. They are typically around 20 inches wide and 54 inches long. Some are even personalized with your name, nickname, or photo! Sakumepillows are popular among fans of Japanese anime and manga, as they can be printed on both sides. Choosing one that’s the right size for you can be difficult, but we’ve rounded some of the most popular pillow styles.

Artwork on a fabric waifu pillow

If you are looking for a unique pillow, you may want to consider ordering an artwork on a fabric Sakumepillow. The original Japanese manufacturer of this kind of pillow, Sakume, only produces these pillows in twill fabric. Because this fabric is not as durable, the prints will likely be washed out after time and the pillow may not retain its shape. You may also wish to order a custom pillow, as many sites offer this service.


The Sakumepillow concept has a very specific history. It originated with Sakume, a Japanese company, which decided to create body pillowcases with anime-related designs. In Japan, anime culture has exploded, and the pillowcases sold by Sakumetook off in a big way. Soon, the Sakumepillow market was flooded with all kinds of different types.