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    Marble countertops are one of the great ways to improve the look and feel of any kitchen. Marble comes in different sizes and colors and designs which can make the kitchen look very royal. One can go to any professional level kitchen and can tell that how many types of different types of counter-tops are available. The main problem with marble is that maintaining them for the future can be hard, and especially that they don’t get damaged or get faded is the main problem with certain types of marble. Keep reading this article, and you will more about countertop and countertop cleaning. 

    Learn About countertop: When you buy a countertop always ask that maintenance tips from the seller and here are some tips one can use to maintain the countertop and increase their life and durability. There can be tons of Home improvement ideas, but one should get the countertop sealed as a marble which is porous material because people might goanna spills and stains daily and can damage the marble very easily. So a sealant to protect it is very necessary. Sealing the countertop will ensure that the countertop will remains stain-free. It will be better and increase the longevity up to 2 to 3 years.

    On the other hand, cleaning countertop is a different thing. There can be many Kitchen remodel ideas but, cleaning will be the most important thing. One should clean it with spill water at least 3 to 4 times a day. Whenever there is any liquid is spilled wipe it as quickly as possible with a damp soft cloth. For smooth and shiny surfaces clean and wipe it daily with a soft cloth only and dry it immediately. Keep in mind that never use any hard brushes or hard sponges to clean the countertop as they can get the scratches very easily also, never use any chemical on the marble to clean it, which will make the shininess fade away very quickly. 

    Always use an alkaline liquid cleaner. So, By reading the home improvements blog, you can get great kitchen ideas. The marble surface is so fancy that you can’t put any hot pot in it.  Because it can break the marble and ruin the beauty. Vegetables and fruits should not be directly on the marble surface. If you eat fruits and vegetables on the marble floor, its surface will fade. So, always use a heat protection coaster or mats to protect the marble from the hot plate. And use the table to cut vegetables or choose another place. Marble is a perforated material that can scratch very easily, so take proper care of the marble floor to keep it looking like new. 

    Last word: A marble countertop will make the look real of the countertop royal but maintaining it is very important. Now you will have a good idea about how to maintain the marble countertop. You can read the blog from for how to take care of marble floors.


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