Important Things You Need To Know About The Panel Beaters

Melbourne Panel Repairs

At some point in the time, a car body faces damages major or minor through accident or mishaps. How can one get the body of the car fixed? Here is what panel beaters are all about. Melbourne Panel Repairs services have always been of help to all those who have their car’s body damaged. Either it is scratches or dents that need to be fixed.

Apart from the Melbourne Smash Repairs, the motor service provider also provides other services like car detailing, painting etc that make the car look good as new after the repairs.

Melbourne Smash Repairs

Let us first get a brief about what the panel beaters specialize in

  • Finely shaping and smoothing the metal sheet which is called Planishing.
  • They have expertise in putty fillers which is a process of filling up the voids or breaks.
  • Metol working is the part of their job which includes making various parts, structures and assemblies.
  • Welding becomes mandatory as metal works are involved.
  • They have a keen eye for scratches and removing them is what they are good at.

How the whole process works as soon as one takes the car that has to be fixed to the motor repairs. The car goes through the process of inspection. The visual inspection includes fetching out all the possible damages and scratches that need to be addressed further by the panel beaters. It is to make sure that other than the major damages any minor damages are not missed out.

In the next step, the panel beaters get at the job they are best at that is fixing these damages. They use various tools and techniques to fix the damages. The services provided by the panel beater include dent removal, panel fixing, restoration, rust repairs, scratch fixing, taking care of the electrical and mechanical parts of the care and more. They make sure they hand you the car that is good as new.

Further, after the fixing, repairs and restoration are done the car needs to be painted to make finish the complete look after the panel beating is done. The tough job here is to get the same paint as that of the car. failed to do so, the patches will be fairly visible damaging the overall look of the car.

Is panel beating cost-effective?

It depends on how you get the panel beating done. Professional beaters are fully equipped and technically sound, so it makes the process easy and effective. They do have the service cost but they are fairly cost-effective compared to getting the car fixed by someone who is not a professional service provider. They may charge you more for getting some of the equipment they don’t have or some of the components. Why add the extra cost to the bill when you can have it handled by the professionals more effectively.


Before ruining the damage that is done instead of fixing it and that too at an undesirable cost is not recommended. Get the penal beating done by Melbourne smash repairs service providers instead.

Source: Important Things You Need To Know About The Panel Beaters


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