Interesting Facts Army of the Dead

Interesting Facts about the 'ARMY OF THE DEAD' film that presents a new style in the zombie genre

Interesting Facts Army of the Dead

After the release of the long-awaited version of the JUSTICE LEAGUE film by DC fans, Zack Synder returns to direct a film that this time takes the Zombie genre. His film is titled ARMY OF THE DEAD and can already be seen on Netflix.

Through his film this time the famous eccentric director brought a new breakthrough to the Zombie genre in Hollywood. Unlike the formulas of Zombie films that are mainstream and mediocre, Zack brings some fresh and interesting things to this film.

The interesting thing in this film is of course the combination of several characteristics of the existing Zombie genre film. It is this aspect of the characteristic that has been successfully developed by Zack in directing this film. Well, in order to treat your curiosity, check out 5 interesting facts about the ARMY OF THE DEAD movie.

  1. A New Atmosphere in Movies With the Zombie Genre
    Zack brings things that are relatively new in his film this time, he does not depict apolcalypse with the domination of the world by the undead. Instead, he only gave the setting for this film in Las Vegas. We can imagine, a city full of sparkling entertainment is attacked and overrun by Zombies.
    With only Las Vegas being the setting of this film, Zack can bring a new atmosphere in the Zombie genre. The festive atmosphere blends with the horror of the Zombies.
  2. Alpha Zombie
    If in films with the zombie genre, these undead are usually told that they have no intelligence and move very slowly. Film presents the opposite of that stigma. Alpha Zombie is an undead that is described as having and intelligence equal to humans.
    One of the most terrifying things about this zombie is that it can turn the person it bites into just like it. Not only that, this Zombie can also lead other undead flocks to do what he commands.
  3. Zombie Tiger
    In addition to Alpha Zombie, Zack also embeds the types of undead that we may rarely encounter in films of the same genre. Zombie Tiger is a very surprising thing that is brought by Zak in this film.
    This type of zombie is very deadly because it still has the strength and speed of a living tiger. And the ability to know their prey makes Zombies even more terrifying.
  4. This is not the first time Zack has directed a Zombie genre film
    Actually, Zack had a movie with the Zombie genre. The title of the film he has directed is DAWN OF THE DEAD. Zack in his first Zombie film still uses a formula that is considered mainstream in the Zombie genre.
    Many say that ARMY OF THE DEAD is the successor of his successor, but in terms of story and setting the two films are very different. In both films, Zack also manages to present the horror of the Zombie attack.
  5. Promising line-up of actors and actresses
    The most crucial aspect of this film is its cast line which is filled by famous Hollywood stars. The cast consists of Dave Bautista as Scott Ward, Ella Purnell as Kate Ward, Hiroyuki Sanada as Tanaka, and Matthias Schweighöfer as Ludwig Dieter.
    With a line of casts who are very experienced and successful in giving a good impression to the audience. Zack is able to maximize the development of characters and stories in the film.


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