Is it safe to use TikTok apps?



With the popularity of the popular TikTok apps comes another question. The question is, is it safe to use TikTok? And if it is not safe, how can I make it safe?

TikTok tock safety:

TikTok is an app that is widely used through social media. Many people here express their joys, sorrows or jokes through videos, their performances, and some visible expressions. Because of the safety question of TikTok Apps, many netizens do not use it or it can be said that there is a negative thought about TikTok. However, the safety of TikTok apps is comparatively less than other social media apps. And there are some reasons why it is less.

Reasons for low TikTok safety:

  • By TikTok’s policy, we allow TikTok to use our SIM card, IP address, GPS and create content created by TikTok. The data that we send to TikTok is received by itself.
  • If the TikTok safety is low here, there is a possibility of data theft through spying.
  • Even if TikTok has different activities according to the age category, it is not strictly accepted. For example, even if children (under 13) are not allowed to publish videos and comment, it is now so common that they are using TikTok from the ID of an adult. Again many are using TikTok with wrong information.

It is not always possible to recognize everyone in TikTok by age. Many things in the virtual world are more duplicates than the real thing.

Is this possible to keep TikTok safe?

There is a safety problem in all social media that is not all about TikTok. Especially in these social media platforms we unknowingly give a lot of our personal information and pictures. Most of the people we put on our friends or followers list don’t know us. Even not all of them are the same. There are, of course, differences between individuals. Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram TikTok also have its digital well-being.

Password Protection: TikToks have a password protection system that can be turned on.

Password Protection Alert: You can turn on your TikTok Password Protection Alert.

Restriction mode: TikToks can be turned on in Restriction Mode. As a result, you will not see any topics or content that you do not want to see. Restriction mode filters out your TikTok contents for you.

Privacy Policy: You can change the privacy policy of your TikTok. You can use this app privately. Using it in private mode allows you to select your audience yourself.

TikTok has many new plans for its safety. One of them is, Family Safety Mood, Children Mood, Virtual Gifting Policy, Direct Message System etc.


TikTok is an entertainment app but in many cases, we can see that it is having a negative effect now. Excess is always bad wherever you use it. As human beings, we prefer to break the rules. Nowadays Personal matters are no longer personal. As a result, our safety is now in question. Using TikTok for more than 2 hours can be the worst addiction. We should not make it our bad addiction.