Jafrullah Chowdhury’s demand to pardon Pakistan is the statement of BNP

Jaforullah Chowdhury
Jaforullah Chowdhury

While Bangladesh is demanding forgiveness from Pakistan, Jafrullah Chowdhury said to forgive Pakistan. This is not the statement of Mr. Jafrullah, this is the statement of the whole BNP. It is clear that they have not forgotten Pakistan yet. “

Hasan Mahmud said this at a memorial service of late actress Sarah Begum Kabari organized by Bangabandhu Cultural Alliance at the National Press Club on Tuesday. State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murad Hasan addressed the meeting as a special guest.

“Pakistan should apologize to Bangladesh for the injustice and crimes against humanity committed in 1971 against the Bengalis, the people of Bangladesh,” he said.

Noting that the great actress Kabari has always held the spirit of Bangabandhu in her heart and stood by Sheikh Hasina, Hasan Mahmud expressed her deep respect for him and said.

Various films starring Kabari are still in vogue. We are still emotional when we see his pictures. Suchitra Sen was not followed by another Suchitra Sen.

When it comes to Sarah Tapam Kabari’s ears, it is difficult to say for sure. ’

Rachnaullah Rafiqul Al-Rashid and General Secretary of the Army Arunacharita of the Netra Sanskriti Jote’s Sahasabha Purbanchal Bangla Benar Kendra have been mentioned about the incident, his city suburban-style style, blog poster in the complex, MA Karim,

Actress Sujata, Dilara Yasmin, Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra vocalist Manoranjan Ghoshal, actress Tarin Jahan, Sohrab Khan Chowdhury, and other leaders of the alliance.


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