Kimone Peart a Fast-Rising Fashion Model with Excellent Fitness


Kimone has graced the fashion industry with her striking beauty that runs from her face, her captivating body shape to how she walks and talks confidently yet remains humble.

Think of a fashion model. Instantly, one envisions either beauty, confidence, style, or elegance if not all mentioned. Kimone got it all, she spares no good qualities for anyone. She is beautiful, kind, fun, and confident with a well-defined body shape. It does not end at the beauty, Kimone is knowledgeable given she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Project Management.

Kimone is incredibly creative. She models based on her moods. She can be casual and humble at one point, and transition to bold and prideful the next moment. She could be fun and free-spiritedon a particular occasion and then transition to serious and official on the next occasion. In each event, her clothes match her mood and that speaks of her creativity. At times, she wears clothes that are written in her name which makes people recognize her and see her confidence and self-love. Also, Kimone is a fashion trendsetter who styles herself. She influences her followers with her creative designs that are captivating. Every glance at Kimone will leave you with something interesting to learn about fashion.

When moral meets optimism success is created. Kimone’s passion for modeling started from looking at other models in beauty magazines and fashion pages. She remained optimistic and driven, working hard daily which is now reflected in her rise in the fashion industry. Still, Kimone believes she has a lot to learn in the industry. She remains optimistic that she will be featured in the top beauty magazines Vogue and Elle. One of her quotes exudes her hard work and determination and it says, “the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

One key role as a model is to remain healthy and fit throughout the career. Kimone understands the importance of keeping healthy and fit. She confessed that her health is a critical matter and that she strives to remain healthy. The glow on her face can tell for sure that Kimone is healthy. Her health stretches to mental health where she advocates for self-awareness and self-love. How she talks with confidence about herself and loves her body is just a sneak peek of her self-awareness and love. Kimone works out both in the gym and at home. For her, the fitness journey does not end in the gym. She also enjoys fun runs and simple walks. Research has shown that walking and running are highly effective in maintaining fitness. It does not end with walks; Kimone also loves rock climbing. She aims at making swimming her lucrative hobby. Swimming in itself is a proven highly effective full-body workout. Combining all these activities, there is no doubt that Kimone will always be a fit model.

Kimone, without a doubt, is an inspiration to the world. For more information, follow Kimone on Instagram @mskimona and Twitter @kimonepeart.