Learn to Take Care of Your Skin During Monsoon Today! Read this Article Now!

Skin care

Monsoon appears in the form of relief from the burning heat of the sun. The weather outside becomes cooler. It makes the surroundings bright green. By the by, this season does not offer that much predictability. Besides, the weather during the monsoon becomes a lot more humid too.

As the weather changes outside, the routine of skincare also needs to be improvised. Otherwise, it becomes difficult for the skin to accept all the changes abruptly. Especially for oily skin, the challenge happens to be more tenacious.

In monsoon, some actual skin care products need to appear on stage to take proper care of the skin. Here’s the answer how!

  1. Save face from soap:

Not only monsoon, but soap can also be harsh on the skin at any time. Therefore, applying a soap-free cleanser always appears gentle to the skin. Besides, it does not remove the natural oils from the face. Also, using soap-free face wash daily during monsoon helps clean dirt and impurities straight away from the skin and controls the oiliness. Although over usage of it can result in opposite reactions.

  • Nourish the skin with exfoliation:

Exfoliation helps erode the dead skin cells away and offers a natural and healthy glow to the skin. By scrubbing the face two to three times a week, the blood circulation of the face can be stimulated, which detoxifies the skin. Hence, in the skincare routine of monsoon, it needs to be included.

  • A little bit of makeup:

The lesser the makeup, the healthier the skin will appear during this season. Because of the humidity in the weather, heavy makeup cannot stay firm on the face. Besides, it can also block the pores of the skin, abandoning the skin from breathing. Instead of lipsticks, tinted lip balms should be used because, unlike lipsticks, they nourish the lips while giving them a natural tint.

  • Toner with antioxidants:

Toner usually makes the skin free of excess oil, dirt, etc. and makes it healthy from within. So, to take care of the skin during monsoon, alcohol-free toner with antioxidants is mandatory. Antioxidants help maintain the pH level, control acne and blemishes, and tighten up the widened pores.

  • Sunscreen is necessary:

The sun does not bid farewell after summer. It is always there, reflecting the harmful rays, such as UV rays, causing skin damages. So, just because it’s monsoon does not mean skipping on sunscreen. An oil-free sunscreen (in case of oily skin) with SPF 30 should be applied while going out.


Nowadays, the standard rate of cosmetic products for body price India is not that much expensive. So, taking proper care of the skin during any season is not that much of a difficult task. As the body needs different attires during different seasons, the skin, especially the face, needs different kinds of protection to remain healthy.


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