Online Fundraising: 5 Innovative Ideas

Online Fundraising: 5 Innovative Ideas

If are passionate in helping others and making their life much better then you can find a lot of people who will be interested in supporting your cause. But you need to be creative and innovative to attract those audiences.

Here are 5 innovative ideas for your online fundraising:


One of the best ways to increase your online fundraising is to take the help of crowdfunding. If you are new to the word crowdfunding then let us help you, well, it is a process in which you encourage a large number of people to donate a small amount of money to your non-profit’s beneficiaries to support you in your cause. Well, crowdfunding is a simple way to raise money, all you have to do is put your non-profit’s story, your cause of action, your beneficiary’s information, and they take the help of your various online platforms to spread your message. The online platforms can help you in spreading your message to a large audience.

Host a virtual stand-up:

Many people love stand-up comedies. Well, for finding an innovative way for your online fundraising, all you can do is to plan a stand-up comedy night on your online platforms and when people will buy tickets from your online portal, you can use that money for your non-profit funding. Ask your comedians to show some satire or mimicry in their show, so that they can help in building awareness about your cause through some easy hints.

Virtual talent show:

Virtual talent shows can also be a great help to your online fundraising. But for that, you need to connect with some famous online influencers who have a big fanbase and request them to join your cause. Then you can bring different personalities and show their talents on your platform. This will help you to gain the support of their followers too and the amount collected from the ticket sale of your talent shows can be used as a fund for your non-profit cause. This will also let other people feel good who are connected with your virtual talent show and they can offer more support for your good cause.

Start a challenge:

“Unity in things Necessary, Liberty in things Unnecessary, and Charity in all,” said Richard Baxter, an English Puritan church leader, poet, hymnodist, theologian, and controversialist.

Well, we all have seen in recent time how people started a new trend and many people started following it. These internet challenges can have the potential to break the internet. You can also use this method, think of some challenge that allows you to include your friends and family members. When you share these challenges, make sure to mention your donation page’s link on your online platforms.

Start a podcast:

If you have some inspirational stories to share then you also use the method of the podcast. Search in your network to find out people who have some stories or lessons to teach. When your listeners and potential donors get to hear these stories, they will get inspired by this and will try to donate to your cause.

Marc Kielburger is the co-founder of WE Charity, with an active member of more than 1000 employees; they provide education and empowerment to young people. The organization is also supporting more than 3000 local and global causes by volunteering millions of hours of service with the help of genuine supporters.


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