1.  Start Somewhere Small:

The most important step in getting started with social media marketing, especially for a dance studio, is identifying your customers and determining which social media outlets they use the most. You might want to inquire about which medium your parents or dancers prefer. Because Facebook has become such a widely used resource by people of all ages, it’s safe to assume you’ll be able to communicate with your current and potential clients through it.

2.  Be Diligent When it Comes to your Social Media Responsibilities:

Many companies use social media and social media marketing in the same way that you and I do with our New Year’s Resolutions. If you decide to start marketing with social media, make it a point to stick to your plan. If you decide to post content once a week, make it a point to post content every week.

3.  Patience is Your Friend:

Consider building your profile in the same way you would any other project: one step at a time. Build your social media presence one piece of content at a time with a profile. When creating or posting content, keep your audience in mind. For a business like a dance studio, organic growth is especially important. The fact that parents they know like your page will impress them. And this type of development can only take place over time.

4.  Elicit Responses to Your Posts:

Make every effort to post content on your page that encourages your followers to respond and engage in a conversation with your studio. Consider including a phrase like “Tell us what you think” or something similar at the end of every video, image, or update you make. Simply encouraging your followers to respond is a great way to make them feel more invested in your company and page.

5.  Use words that describe your studio:

Loading your page with Search Engine keywords is a simple way to increase the exposure of your page on the internet. If your studio is competitive, for example, you could write a post titled “Our Competitive Teams Prepare for Competition Season.” The FanPage for Unity in Motion is a great example of this.

6.  Use local directories:

While the global nature of social media is admirable, the impact on a studio is primarily local. Create business profiles on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing to create local pages in each search engine and ensure that you appear when people in your area look for a dance studio online. Also, submit your company to online local directories like Super pages and City search. Because all of your different profiles across these platforms will show up individually, these profiles will help increase the number of times you appear in search results.

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