Stone Town City Break in Zanzibar tips


As the biggest city on the island of Zanzibar, Stone Town played a historic job in the history of the slave trade, as well as being home to an eclectic combination of architecture from Persian, Arab, Moorish, European and Indian influence. Such historic and cultural significance makes Stone Town a must visit for any travelers to Zanzibar with Zanzibar tour packages, with a full guide to Stone town helping you make stay in Stone town excellent.

Here are some family friendly things to do in Zanzibar:

Visit the Anglican cathedral

Becoming a part of the Oman Empire in the late seventeen century, Zanzibar played an amazing role in the history of the slave trade. It was not until 1876 that slave trade was banished on the island, though not until 1897 did it fully cease, following powerful British pressure.

Today visitors can gain an insight into the very poor treatment of slaves and how the slave trade forced East Africa and the continent at large.

Discovering the doors and the old town

Though many of these amazing wooden doors decorated in brass fixtures have been removed from the island, those that remain give an insight into the past. Wandering around Stone Town you will soon discover endless colours, brass fixtures and decorative finishes on these old wooden doors. Upon additional inspections, the doors will present the history of the residents social status, profession and religion through their intricate designs.

Markets & street life

One of the most amazing activities in Stone Town is just to explore the streets on foot, so be sure to permit a couple of hours for unplanned wandering. The Darajani market is a best location to visit if you are looking for treasures and trinkets, though you will also find fresh vegetables, fruit and spices all through the streets in little marketed visited by both visitors and locals alike.

Visit of Old Fort

This big fortification on the waterfront was built by the Omani Arabs in the early 18th century as a defence against the Portuguese. By the 19th century, it was a prison where criminals were executed.

Stroll along the seafront

The seawall and beach burst with life in the late afternoon and into the evening. School boys splash about in the water, leap into the sea from the seawall, test their acrobatic expertise with capoeira and backflips kicks on the bleach, and challenge each other to games of soccer. So book your cheap reef and beach resort packages today!

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