Ten most popular HTML editors for web development in 2022


Searching for some best-suited HTML editors to assist you with your web development? Discover both free and premium ranked best in 2022.

If you are well acquainted with web development, the term HTML should sound familiar. HTML primarily stands for a hypertext markup language. It is one of the most essential and common elements that help define the website structure.

Coding plays a significant role when it comes to web development. So, you need to get it perfect for better security and also to avoid glitches in the future. Similar to spellchecks which assist in creating error-free documents, web developers use HTML editors to avoid mistakes.

An HTML editor is basically a piece of software that offers a range of features for building a well-structured and functional website. For example, these editors help in spellchecking, syntax highlighting, and other auto-completion features help. With the assistance of such an editor, people can quickly create websites from scratch and thereby modify the code to add more functionality.

This article will explain the basics and list the best HTML editors for free and paid versions. It will also assist you with details of some of the best HTML editors available, along with covering the benefits of using HTML. Thus, if you are planning to establish a website designing company in Delhi, keep reading!

What is an HTML Editor?

An HTML Editor can be defined as a piece of software used to create and edit HTML code. It can either be stand-alone software that is completely dedicated to code writing and editing. It can also be a part of an Integrated Development Environment, that is, IDE.

These editors offer pretty advanced features and are also designed for developers to generate web pages much more efficiently. It makes sure that every string of code works properly and is clean.

List some of the features of an HTML editor.

If you are using a good HTML editor, it will offer the following features:

●  Auto-completion:

This feature automatically suggests HTML elements and attributes on the basis of previously added values. That, in turn, aids in saving time while you are typing comparatively a larger piece of code.

●  Code folding:

This feature assists in hiding a section of code. It primarily focuses on certain parts of the HTML document.

●  Error detection

It helps by scanning for syntax errors whenever the coder types an incorrect code and replaces all of them at once. This also helps save time because it lets fix the mistakes immediately.

●  FTP Integration

This feature connects your web server with an FTP client straight from the dashboard.

●  Syntax highlighting

This feature helps in differing HTML tags in multiple colors on the basis of their categories. This makes it easier to recognize and read the code structure.

●  Search and replace

This feature assists in finding a particular code and then replacing all of them at once. Therefore, it helps save time the coders waste otherwise by editing each string of code.  

Popular HTML editors for web development

There are a plethora of HTML editors available online. However, choosing one amongst them that offers both value and useful features is the most tricky.

Below are listed some of the best HTML editors that will assist you in web development:

1.   Notepad ++

This is a free and open-source editor that is developed for Windows-based computers. It offers a lightweight program, and it comes with a straightforward user interface. Notepad++ is primarily distributed as free software. Its repository is available on Github. Its user interface is flexible, which allows the users to select from split or full-screen layouts while coding. This text editor is advanced and has multi-language support for web development, starting from HTML and CSS to PHP and JavaScript. Its other feature includes document map, plugin integrations, FTP connection, and powerful code editing tools.

2.   Atom

It is one of the most popular HTML editors that are available in the market. It is an open-source code editor that primarily aims to provide premium tools. Web developers can easily modify, add, and even share various source codes to improve the functionality of Atom. In addition, a live preview of the web page allows the editors to spot errors easily and thereby fix the code in the text editor.

3.   Visual studio code

It is an open-source, free HTML editor from Microsoft built on Github’s Electron. Web developers can use its framework to create projects using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML across multiple operating systems.

4.   Sublime Text

It is an HTML editor that has similar features to Notepad++. This editor offers cross-platform support and is packed with more advanced tools. You can easily start with a free version, but only a paid version allows access to all of its features.

5.   Adobe Dreamweaver CC

This is an IDE application that supports both front-end and back-end development. This software also offers web design and web development toolkits that aid in website creation. These robust code editing tools also support various markup languages.

6.   CoffeeCup

This editor offers a wide range of features and functionality. It also provides various ways that aids in previewing a website. Although a free trial version is available, the users need to purchase the software for using it in the long run.

7.   Froala

This front-end editor is designed primarily to offer optimized performance for users. It is a lightweight software that takes a minimum time of 40 milliseconds to load. It comes with rich text editor capabilities too.

8.   Brackets

This is a widely popular HTML editor ideal for programmers who are compatible with multiple operating systems. It comes with a built-in package manager that assists the users in searching and installing their preferred support package.

9.   RJ TextEd

It is one of the best IDE for Javascript. In addition, RJ TextEd is a full-featured text and source editor with Unicode support, and therefore it is a great IDE for web development.

10.  Light Table

This is a reactive work surface designed for the creation and exploration of apps or programs. It is a pretty unique web development IDE, with which you move things around, keep clutter down, or even bring information from places that you need the most.


HTML editors are undoubtedly a must for any web development and design toolkit. It allows you to create codes faster and simplifies the whole process, which assists in avoiding errors. The only catch in this situation is to select an option that aligns with your needs.