The director’s fault is not to be a unique actor on the screen – Chandni

Mehbuba Mahnoor Chandni
Mehbuba Mahnoor Chandni

Mehbuba Mahnoor Chandni said, Irregular canopy acting for a long time. she recently worked on a short film and drama. I talked to her about all this last Saturday afternoon.
After a long time, he acted in a new play.

What is the reason for wrapping yourself like this?

I have reduced acting. I don’t act in plays, I don’t like to do it. I work with directors who feel the need for me in their stories, I also enjoy reading stories. I don’t tell anyone by myself, I want to act. I am living my life as I am.

Many of your time is also playing the role of mother-in-law.

I played the role of a mother a long time ago when many of our seniors could not dare. Jayaraj was my co-star in that play called ‘Rasgolla’ 10 years ago. I had a 15-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old son in that play for the character. I think for the character, wife, aunt, servant — I am willing to be all if that character is important.

Many of your next generation are acting and directing. Are these works seen?

Not much is seen. If I hear a lot of discussion about a drama, then let’s see. Because, the current style, the construction, the story is the same. Talking to a mentor in the acting world a few days ago, he watched the drama as a member of the jury. I was supposed to watch 400 plays, but couldn’t watch more than 3.

Mehbuba Mahnoor Chandni

Even then he was forced to see them. However, I occasionally watch the plays of Nusrat Imroz Tisha and Mehjabin. They do well. So I should praise them too. Maybe no one did in our time. I don’t think the kids will ever move forward if they don’t appreciate it.

It is said that you used to compliment each other in your time. What is your experience?

Then they would stick behind each other. I will let him go ahead, I will keep him behind — this mentality was more. But I have done my best. I was not with anyone. Even though I got a national award in film in a short time, I didn’t get a chance to do a good job like that.

Do you like the work of any of the actors?

I like the drama of many, but the style is the same. Sorry for saying that. If everyone can’t create their own style, there is no point in working year after year. However, it is the director’s fault for not being able to make the actor unique on the screen. Because a director has the ability to present an actor differently on the screen.

Where is the problem then?

You will see in the story of most of the current dramas, the noise of husband and wife, the argument of lovers. The story is being enlarged in Tenet. When a kind of drama is a hit, everyone is busy with that genre. The imitation seems to be increasing. The actor also has a big responsibility here, to read the story and make a decision. If everyone works to stay on screen, they will have to take responsibility for the failure. I think many people act in more plays than a kind of insecurity.

Folks, if you don’t act in more plays, you may get lost, which is completely wrong. Asad Baba told me (Raisul Islam), ‘Mom, I will do one thing a year. There is no benefit in acting in 10 or 100 plays.

But those who have taken actions as a profession, also have to take care of the issue of income.

I think acting is my job. So I will always work on the same kind of story! Why should the audience suffer from boredom! I think those who act, if they see their own work, will surely suffer from loneliness. If they don’t work on different stories, they won’t find a job to tell anyone even after doing a thousand things.

Just as you can prove yourself by playing a different character, you can also make yourself unique to the audience. Now it can be seen that whoever plays the role of the village, they are just doing that. Again, those who are acting in urban story dramas are busy with urban stories.

Tell the news of new work.

I finished shooting the play ‘Lady Teacher is giving’. This week I did the work of the short film ‘Unfinished Tea’. I will do a dance show for the television channel in front.

Saying, doing less work, spending time at home. How is time going?

Launched the YouTube platform. I’m making time for that. Dance. I spend time with my family. My mother reads books, I listen; This is another job. I am a cheater again in reading, so I like to listen very much.

Do you have any regrets about life?

Absolutely not. Because professional and personal life has never been one. Now if someone tries to say a lot together, don’t worry about it. I never paid attention to all this. What was written on the forehead has happened. I am satisfied with everything all the time.

Do you have any plans to start a new family?

Divorced in 2016. I don’t know what the future holds. Whatever is written on the forehead will happen. I am with my mother now. If the family marries me, I will. I don’t think anything of myself.

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