The Importance of Test And Tag

    Test And Tag

    It goes without saying that safety is a priority, especially in a workplace with electrical equipment. While a powerful and helpful technology, electricity is incredibly dangerous and damaged equipment can lead to serious accidents and injury. However, many problems go undetected until it is too late.

    Regular maintenance and testing is very important and has been proven to save lives. With the aim of determining if a piece of equipment is safe for use, Test and Tag is a process of visually inspecting and electrically testing in-service electrical equipment.

    To ensure AS/NZS 3760:2010 compliance testing and tagging needs to be done by a licenced technician. Read on for more on the importance of test and tag services!

    What is Test and Tag?

    Each year there are dozens of workplace fatalities and even more accidents and injuries cause by electrocution – most of which could have been prevented with regular maintenance and inspections.

    Colloquially known as tagging, test tag, electrical tagging and appliance tagging, test and tag is used to ensure the safety of electrical equipment in a workspace. Not only does this identify any risks and existing problems, but professional test and tag helps to promote an ongoing maintenance schedule.

     There are a number of factors that go into the process of test and tag, namely:

    Visual Inspection: A comprehensive visual inspection is carried out, looking for any damages, missing components and potential risks.

    Electrical Testing: This phase involves electrically testing the equipment with a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT)

    Recording: A detailed report is needed of test results, where a copy is submitted to the business owner.

    Tagging: Here, the tested items are identified with durable, non-reusable tags. These tags hold the name of the testing company and the testing date. If an item is deemed safe, the tag will hold the next testing date, where a failed test tag indicated that the item is not safe for use.

    The benefits of Test and Tag

    Like any other tools and appliance, electrical equipment will diminish and deteriorate in quality and functionality over time. Regular Test and Tag should be performed so both employer and worker can enjoy the benefits of safe, working equipment. These benefits include:

    • Enhance business safety
    • Minimise and avoid penalties
    • Improve efficiency and minimise production downtime
    • Promote safe working practices

    Testing and tagging is recognised as being highly effective in helping reduce the risk and occurrence of electric shock incidents. Professional services, such as Maintag, is here to help you stay informed, avoid hefty fines and make sure your workplace is safe for both your staff and your customers.

    Ensure Safety and compliance with Maintag

    When it comes to your portable appliance electrical safety program, it makes sense to call the industry experts who can provide you with a fast, efficient test and tagging service. Maintag is a leading property and electrical management service that specialises in superior testing and tagging.

    With a highly experienced team, each client is left with the peace of mind that their electrical equipment is safe and compliant. Get in touch with the team at Maintag today!


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