The new movie shooting of Shakib-Bubli started in Uttara.

The start of a new journey
The start of a new journey

Dhaliwood star Shakib Khan returned to shooting after about a month and a half. The masterpiece of the movie ‘Leader: I am Bangladesh’ was at a shooting house in Uttara on Tuesday. The shooting of Shakib Khan and Bubli’s movie has started at around 3 pm following the health rules and will continue for 30 consecutive days.

when the lockdown started in the country, this actor was refraining from work. The work of the movie ‘Leader: I am Bangladesh’ got stuck in this. Today, the photo was officially announced. There Shakib Khan said, ‘The journey of this movie started from today. Everyone will pray that we can finish the job nicely. Hopefully, everyone in the unit will do the job through mutual cooperation with speed. ‘

The masterpiece of the movie was supposed to start at 11 o’clock. That’s how everything was organized. Everyone was waiting for Shakib Khan. Arriving at the spot at 12:15 pm, she went to the makeup room. Later, at around one o’clock, he joined Mahrat. The director of the movie Tapu Khan said that it took some time for them to organize, due to which the maharat could not be started on time.

He said, ‘Everyone from Bhaiya (Shakib Khan) came at the right time. Come ready with makeup. It’s a little late because of our mistakes. We can’t run with Shakib Bhai. Our dummy shooting is over. We quickly started the original shooting. From actors to producers, my team — everyone is co-operating. Shooting doesn’t seem to be a problem for me now. We are working according to the rules keeping Corona in mind. ‘

Bengal Multimedia Limited, the production company of the movie, wants to finish the work of ‘Leader: I am Bangladesh’ by shooting for 30 days in a row. Syed Ashiq Rahman, the producer of the film and the director of Bengal Multimedia Limited, has received that assurance from the director. After completing all the work in two months, they want to release the movie on the holy Eid-ul-Azha.

Inaugurating the maharat ceremony of the movie, Ashik said, “As per the pre-announcement, we have started shooting today. There are plans to shoot for 30 days in a row following the health rules. The post-production work will continue for the next 30 days. “Leader: I am Bangladesh” will be released in the international arena including Eid-ul-Azha.

Bubli’s first look in the movie ‘Leader: I am Bangladesh’ was released yesterday. There, the actress has been seen in three forms. After the movie ‘Bir’, Shakib-Bubli duo will be seen on the screen again in the new movie. “Today is a good day for the movie ‘Leader: I am Bangladesh’,” said Bubli. Shooting is starting from today. We will focus on hygiene. “

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