Things A Bettor Can Do While In Lockdown

Online casino/online poker

The casino you occasionally visit has “temporarily suspended operations” and there’s a good chance the doors will remain shut for some time.

Many sports like The NBA, NHL, PGA, and NASCAR shave also been suspended with no real timetable for resumption insight. The Major League Baseball season is delayed indefinitely and (I can’t believe I am typing these next four words) March Madness was CANCELLED, bringing sports betting and daily fantasy sports to an abrupt halt for the foreseeable future.

Oh, and that trip you had scheduled to Las Vegas next month for the NFL Draft? Sorry. That’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Meanwhile, your office is telling you to work from home, bars and restaurants are being forced to close, and your kids are home from school and being told to not see their friends.

So, what is a bettor supposed to do to scratch that “action” itch as the coronavirus outbreak gets seemingly worse every day and we’re being warned to practice “social distancing”?

Of course, there are more serious and important issues at stake during these uncertain times, but below are some ideas to help satisfy the bettor in all of us as we hope and pray it won’t be too long before the slot machines are chirping, cards are in the air and the sportsbooks are open for business and posting daily point spreads.

Online casino/online poker

If you’re lucky enough to live in a jurisdiction that allows online gambling, congrats to you and kudos to your government because this may be one industry that will continue to thrive, despite the horrific news we keep reading and hearing each day about local businesses getting crushed and the economy sinking.

If you’ve always been curious about playing poker online or giving online slots or live dealer games a whirl, now is the perfect time to give it a shot and take advantage of the numerous welcome bonuses out there, we may suggest an online room like the idn poker one.

If you are indeed a novice online player, make sure you do some research and prepare yourself and your bankroll.

Alternative sports

The mainstream sports in the U.S. may have shut down, but there are still other games out there to bet on, even if you’ve never seen the sport played or have any idea what the rules entail.

At bet365 Sportsbook & Racebook today, odds are available on darts, snooker, rugby, and soccer (futbol), as well as a full menu of “Virtual Sports” such as horse racing, stock cars, and cricket.

Read a gambling book

OK, if you’re going to be housebound for an extended period of time, there’s no better way to kill time and improve your skills as a bettor than by reading a book. There are thousands of good ones out there. Here are two quick suggestions, one classic and one fairly new book:

Doyle Brunson’s Super System by Doyle Brunson: If you’re a poker player and haven’t read this bible written by one of the true legends in the game, now is the time. And we refer to it as a bible because it is indeed that thick and the strategies remain essential, even though it was published in 1979.

The Logic of Sports Betting by Ed Miller, Matthew Davidow: As an avid sports bettor, I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it forces you to think about betting on sports in a totally different way, while also touching on the true basics and explaining how the markets work. Whether you’re a novice or a true pro, you will glean valuable information from this book.

Learn a new game

Always wanted to learn how to play craps, but never had the time? What about PaiGow Poker or baccarat?

If you’re like most bettors, you tend to stick to what you know when you get to the casino. But there is plenty of other fun and potentially profitable games out there other than blackjack and the slots.

There are also tons of YouTube videos and instructional articles and books available for you to learn the basics of a new game and give it a whirl before doing so with real money at the casino.

Put your focus and energy on something else, items that are much more precious and important such as your family and your health. Start that workout regime you promised on New Year’s Eve. Dust off the Monopoly game or cribbage board and play it with your family, with no real money at stake. Bragging rights only!

Refresh and recharge the battery and, most of all, stay safe.


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