Things To Know Desert Safari?

Desert Safari

The best time to go on a Desert Safari Dubai is early in the morning. Sunrise over the desert is stunning, so you won’t want to miss this. Morning safaris also offer the best chance to see a hot air balloon so that you can experience the mystical atmosphere of the desert by air.

Ideal months to go on a desert safari in Dubai

If you’re a fan of desert safaris, June through September are ideal months for a trip to Dubai. The desert is dry and hot in the morning, but cools off in the late afternoon. Tour operators will change their schedule to accommodate this weather condition. You can also enjoy a hot air balloon ride if you’d like.

Although early spring is cool, the sun can still be a factor. Temperatures can rise to nearly 40 degrees Celsius in the midday and peak at 43 degrees in the afternoon. Even the ocean temperature is just over thirty degrees, so dress appropriately.

Duration of a desert safari

If you are planning to take a Desert Safari Dubai Deals, you must know that you will not be able to take the entire tour at once. You will have to choose between different options, which will depend on your needs and preferences. You can choose a short safari, which lasts approximately 45 minutes, or a longer one. The shorter safari is ideal if you are in a rush to get back to the city or want to take photos of the sunset. The shorter safari is also less crowded than the 7-hour safari.

A desert safari is one of the most popular activities in Dubai. You can choose from different types of tours, which include dune bashing, quad biking, snowboarding, and other exciting activities. A morning safari is a popular option for first-time visitors to Dubai. You can also opt for an overnight desert safari, which lasts seven to eight hours.

Precautions to take before going on a desert safari in Dubai

There are many safety precautions to take before going on a desert tour. It is important to avoid taking any valuables with you and to take care of your body. The sand dunes can be dangerous so you need to wear light clothing and use sunblock. It is also important to bring a first aid kit and any medicines that you may need.

If you have motion sickness, it is best to bring motion sickness medication with you. Although you may not experience any symptoms before embarking on the tour, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Dune buggies used for dune bashing

Dune buggies are vehicles designed for dune bashing. These vehicles are light enough to maneuver through the sand but heavy enough to get stuck. Dune bashing is not for the faint of heart; the environment, time, and dehydration are all hazards.

While it is possible to rent a dune buggy for a day or two, it is always a good idea to book a full-day trip. This will ensure that you’ll be able to take along more gear. Also, you’ll have one vehicle with more water and another for camping equipment and tools in case you get stuck. In larger groups, you can also have a truck or two follow.

Dune buggy tires have a tendency to spin, so it’s important to slow down a bit before going over a dune. In addition, be aware of sand rails, which are typically created when dunes blow across a terrain. These sand rails can be covered with dead trees, caves, or oddly shaped rocks.

Whether to go on an evening or morning safari

When deciding whether to go on an evening or morning Evening Desert Safari Dubai, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The evening desert safari is geared more toward entertainment and adventure. It is a much shorter trip, but it is filled with dozens of activities, a great buffet, and a lot of amenities.


If you are running on a tight schedule, the morning safari might be best for you. This tour departs at 9 AM and will take around two hours, returning to the city at 11 AM. The morning safari gives you a more complete experience of the desert.