Three corona-affected people come from India!

Mask for protect corona
Mask for protect corona

Corona of three more Bangladeshis returning from India through Akhaura land port of Brahmanbaria has been identified. The report of their corona sample test comes today, Friday evening. Returning to the country, these three are in the official quarantine of Brahmanbaria. Of these, two are men and one is a woman. Their samples were collected for corona testing last Tuesday.

With this, 25 Bangladeshis who came back to India through Akhaura border became positive. The results of the follow-up sample test of two of them have already come negative. According to the Civil Surgeon’s Office, 13 Bangladeshi returnees from the institutional quarantine of Vijaynagar Upazila Health Complex in the district tested positive for corona on Tuesday night. They are kept there in isolation.

According to Akhaura Upazila administration sources, 1,112 people entered Bangladesh through Akhaura land port from April 26 to May 25. Among them are citizens of both Bangladesh and India. At present there are 223 of them in 10 institutional quarantines of Brahmanbaria. So far, 558 people who have completed 14 days of quarantine have been given clearance.

According to the Civil Surgeon’s Office, among the institutional quarantines in Brahmanbaria, there are 21 at Akhaura Rajnigandha Hotel, 22 at Nine Star Hotel, 26 at Vacation Hotel, 30 at Hotel Taj, 18 at Hotel Grand Male, 11 at Hotel Ashik Plaza, 2 at Hotel New, Hotel at Hotel, Hotel at Hotel. , 64 in the private Brahmanbaria Medical College Hospital and 21 in the institutional quarantine of Vijaynagar Upazila Health Complex.

Samples taken for corona testing of Bangladeshi nationals recently quarantined in Brahmanbaria from India were sent to Dhaka. The results of 64 sample tests arrived in Brahmanbaria on Friday night. The coronary test results of 6 of them came back positive. 3 of them are Bangladeshis who came through the land port in the institutional quarantine of Vijayanagar Upazila Health Complex. These 3 people have been transferred from Quarantine of Vijayanagar Upazila Health Complex to Isolation.

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