Understanding Fashion Design

Fashion Design

Fashion is a kind of autonomy and self-definition in a certain context and time and at a certain place. The word itself means a fashion characteristic defined as what is currently fashionable. In other words, it means what is fashionable today. It also means what is trendy or what is fashionable to you at the moment. So, it means what you wear today. This applies to individuals, groups, families, groups of people, etc.

Just as fashion trends change, so do individuals’ definitions of what is fashionable. Everyone defines fashion differently; this is because everyone is unique and everyone has a different idea of fashion, so everyone wears a different type of clothing. Therefore, what is fashionable today for some person may be totally out of fashion for another. This is because trends and fads come and go over time.

For instance, in the 60s, loud hair and rock n roll were considered very fashionable. Now, these are consideredties. In time, these trends are discarded and other more modern ideas take their place. This is because with the passage of time, new ideas and fads emerge and become popular.

Then there is fashion design. Designing a piece of fashion jewelry, for example, is not the same as designing a piece of fashion clothing. There are many differences between the two. This is because individual taste is different and individual fashion design tastes change over time.

So, when it comes to fashion design, do not think of what is in vogue today as what will be in fashion next week. Think instead of what will be in fashion the next season. For instance, if you noticed that the jeans that are currently in style are a bit tighter than usual, they may well be in fashion next season. However, if you notice that jeans that are in style are looser than ever before, they may well be out of fashion the following season. This difference in fashion design trends is due to individual fashion preferences of individual fashion designers.

It should be noted that just because something is fashionable does not mean that it is suitable for all individuals. Before fashion designers begin to create fashion designs, they need to consider the individual styles and preferences of people who will be wearing the clothing or accessories. If you notice a certain item in fashion that is attractive to you, but not necessarily suited for your body type, it may need to be modified in order for it to be suitable for you.


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