Use a baby swaddle blanket in 5 easy steps


You will get the best results from a square cotton sheet, a muslin wrap, or a specially made swaddling wrapper such as a miracle blanket or even cloth nappies or diapers to wrap around your baby.

Fold at an angle and spread the sheet evenly.

Cover your baby’s face with a fold under the neck.

Wrap the right corner over her body and tuck it under her.

Fold the bottom corner over his feet.

Wrap the left corner of her body and place it under her, only exposing her head and neck.

Although most parents will hold their children in their arms, remember that some children prefer to keep one hand free, especially if they like to suck or wrinkle their hands or fingers. Try both positions to see what your child likes. The idea is to help your baby feel safe when you hug him, not keep him warm. It is best to use a lightweight cotton baby swaddle wrapper so that you do not risk overheating your baby. Always make sure that your baby’s mouth is not covered by any part of the swaddle wrapper as this can make him overheated or worse, suffocating.

And remember if you wrap the blanket too tightly you can stop your baby from performing, you want to make him feel comfortable and safe so that squash doesn’t happen! Also, wrapping your baby too tightly can cause problems developing his mobility.

Muslin swaddling blanket: A beautiful prop for baby photo

We all love to see pictures of cute little kids. Children are the perfect model; There is no such thing as a “bad posture” when they are the subject of a photo. With a great photographic feel and some suitable equipment, even a simple sleep shot can melt millions of hearts. 

Remember the amazingly beautiful pictures of little angels peeking out of a blanket over their heads? Or where they are sucking their thumbs as if it is the most delicious thing in the world? These pictures are something that every parent wants to capture and cherish for the rest of their lives.

The problem is, not everyone gets that perfect shot. Kids can’t be instructed and they can lose it at any time. Parents who are taking pictures or professional photographers always like to make sure that the baby is getting absolute comfort. This is why blankets, especially cotton hangings are at the top of the list of preferred items!

Babies, who are only a few weeks old, are at the most suitable age for sleeping. If you plan to do a little dress-up, make sure the surface they are placed on is comfortable for them. Professional photographers make sure that the lighting is also light so that it does not disturb the sleep required for shooting. You can use a blanket hanging over a basket, as a symbolic sling hanging from a pelican’s beak, or just wrap your little angel with it for that perfect shot. What matters is his / her peaceful sleep, and you better go for that frame-worthy shot.

To take an artistic picture of your child when he is awake, you can simply leave him/her with a fork while you continue to click for the best snap. There are often countless ways to get a beautiful and aesthetic picture of your child with a saddle blanket as a prop.

Just make sure the baby is having fun since we don’t like to see tears when the smiling ones can win the world! If you are a creative parent, you can try more interesting things like creating a scene with clothes and blankets around your child, like the famous pictures we have seen in recent years. Be yourself and create the perfect environment for your child to capture the moments. Why does it matter? Because your children are small for a short time and saving these precious little moments in the most beautiful way will thus be a lifelong asset!


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