We need to be more vigilant in disaster mitigation.

Seikh Hasina
Seikh Hasina

Mentioning that the government is doing everything possible to protect the people, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the use of technology in disaster mitigation has greatly reduced the loss of life and property but the people need to be more aware.

“Another cyclone is coming,” he said. We know much earlier because of modern technology. And we have already begun to take adequate precautions in these matters. God willing, we will be vigilant and reduce the risk.

The Prime Minister said this while inaugurating 225 installations of the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief and laying the foundation stone of the foundation stone on Sunday morning.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the government is making concerted efforts to deal with various natural calamities. For, when wealth is gone, wealth is found, but when life is gone, it is no longer available. For this more public awareness is needed.

Sheikh Hasina said, ‘Remember, this is a delta. We have to deal with natural disasters due to our geographical location. Apart from that, man-made disasters also come to Bangladesh from time to time. We have to deal with everything and move forward.

On the occasion of Mujib Year and Golden Jubilee of Independence, the Prime Minister inaugurated 110 multi-purpose cyclone shelters, 30 flood shelters, 30 district relief warehouses, disaster management information centers, and five Mujib forts in the coastal districts of the country. He also laid the foundation stone of 50 Mujib forts at the same time.

Sheikh Hasina said, “No one will ever be able to oppress the people of Bangladesh if they follow the right direction, specific goals and ideals.” ‘He stressed on doing one’s own work to move the country forward, especially the youth so that they can create their own employment.


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