Weimaraner dog breed guide


Weimaraner breed was initiated in Germany in the 1800s. The Court of Weimaraner supported the Weimaraner dog breed as the best gundogs. They belong to the dog family that is used for hunting purposes.

These dogs are a perfect fit for tracking blood, game, or any human. This breed is known for its ability to be a gundog.

Physical portrayal:

According to Nancy Bernard who is the proud owner of 360 dog walker in San Francisco “Weimaraner breed has large, lean bodies and they are generally medium-sized dogs. Almost all the dogs in this breed are full of stamina and endurance because of their strong body. Their activeness and nose help them hunt targets fast. They generally have a blue-gray or blue color, and their nose and eyes are also gray. The body may have white marks on the chest.”

  • Their weight normally ranges from 23 – 90 pounds
  • Life span can be from 10 to 13 years
  • Females normally have a height between23 to 25 and males’ height ranges from 25 to 27.

Weimaraner’s nature and behavior:

These dogs are intelligent, active, and love to have fun around. They also love to be around humans, animals, and other dogs. They are excited about training and love to play and enjoy outings with families. They are very socialist. Give them regular exercises and training else they can become lazy.

Training and exercise requirements:

These dogs are much socialized and they need to do exercise daily. Dog training is best for this breed because they learn from training. Their stamina and active nature let them enjoy training and activities for longer.

Need active pet parents:

As they love to do exercises and activities they must be adopted by active pet parents. You can admit them to various pet training where they can learn fast.

Health issues they can be exposed to:

They can be exposed to health issues including Hip Dysplasia, Gastric torsion, Cataracts, Hip dysplasia, Dermoid cysts, and Autoimmune reaction.

Dog’s hygiene and grooming:

This breed is self-cleaner and as they have short beautiful hairs so you can rest assured about their hair cleaning but always remove dead hairs. Regular air cleaning, bathing, nail cutting, and teeth brushing are necessary as like all other dogs. These dogs have droppedearsso cleaning of ears is very important to prevent infection.

If you should adopt a Weimaraner breed dog?

These dogs are active and can be your perfect partner. Need regular cleaning and active participation in activities and exercise. That’s the reason you need plenty of time to spend with these dogs. They also become tacky sometimes.

Here are some pros and cons of this breed:


  • They bark rarely
  • Intelligent and strong
  • Beautiful sleek and fun-loving dogs
  • Good family dogs


  • They can be clingy and strong-willed dogs. Can give tough time during training.
  • They became bored fast and so can try to chew household items.
  • They are exposed to diseases like Hip Dysplasia, Gastric torsion, and Cataracts.
  • They can harm kids and other people.
  • They need to actively participate in exercises and training.


Weimaraner is a beautifully slim and active breed. However, they are the best breed for hunting and are fun-loving and friendly dogs. At the same time, they need regular exercise and training otherwise they can become lazy. They can become harmful to kids and people but most of the time they show good behavior.