What Challenges Can You Face While Availing A Business Loan in India?

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Getting a business loan sanctioned, a signal of moving ahead is an emotion for people who’ve been waiting their whole lives to build something out of themselves. Most Indians won’t find it hard to believe that getting a loan might be one of the hardest things an entrepreneur has to do before thinking of going ahead with their venture.

Their hardships aren’t all material that can be presented as a list, but when we talk business, we talk material. Coming to the rescue is often considered a villain wanting to take over the internet. A business loan online applies the one thing Indians are clinging to, especially in these desperate times.

Difficulties Indians face while seeking out a loan.


There’s a famous joke on how you can be alive in real but dead-on papers and vice versa.

The importance of papers is known to everyone who has tried to get some official work done in recent times.

While gathering all the important documents and running back and forth between the offices because you forgot one and then the other, verification of all the documents is also something that usually takes the longest time

From the family background and personal details to eligibility criteria and income statements, the authorities’ demands will not end until you almost give up the wish of your loan approval.

Co-signer and collateral

Without any security, the loan approval rate goes down the hill before a second. Be it someone with a good financial background to be the co-signer or a family asset as collateral, the lender needs a good assurance that their loan would be paid off according to the terms, and it wouldn’t come anywhere near insolvency.

Student loans, which are infamous for being accepted without collateral, either carry a co-signer or the interest rates skyrocket like no other day.

Interest rates

This is another thing that matters to a great extent when it comes to middle or lower-middle-class families. Generally, interest rates on all types of loans are higher than one would expect, which becomes another burden the borrower will carry along.

High interest rates can make the person’s motivation deviate.

In poor farmers or people with small businesses, higher interest rates can mean more short-term loans to pay off interests which can ultimately lead to debt traps.

Lengthy procedure

Once the terms of the loan are decided, it’s still just the beginning. Bank officials or the loan servicer will not just need to contact you ten times a day, but you must also comply with the verification every time.

The procedure can be tiresome, and it can take weeks or even months for the amount to be credited to your accounts even after the loan is sanctioned.


For a business to stand on its feet, a lot of efforts are combined. Like how difficult it can be to apply for a business loan in Delhi, running the market research in Mumbai is equally tricky. No matter where you are in India, business loans can become complicated but once approved, your dream of building a business can see the sunrise.


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