What is an air curtain and its advantages?

Euronics Air Curtains

An air curtain, also known as an air door, is a machine that creates an air seal by blowing a regulated stream of air across an aperture to the opposite side. This seal divides various surroundings while allowing traffic to flow freely and visibility through the aperture to be unhindered. When  air curtain used in industrial or commercial settings, they help to confine heated or conditioned air, resulting in significant energy savings and greater human comfort. They also aid in the prevention of pollution and insect invasion.

What is the Function of an Air Curtain?

  • Air is drawn into the device through the intake after it is turned on.
  • The air is then accelerated by the fan as it enters the fan housing.
  • This fast-moving air enters a plenum, which distributes air evenly over the whole length of the discharge nozzle.
  • The nozzle’s airfoil-shaped vanes produce a consistent air stream with minimum turbulence.
  • The air that is ejected through the nozzle forms a jet stream that is directed to the floor. Around 80% of the air returns to the intake side of the air curtain, while 20% travels in the other direction.
  • Profitability in business

Advantages and benefits of air curtains

Commercial profitability

  • Because of the “open door effect,” sales improve. It is well known that when doors are opened, people’s wealth skyrockets.
  • Customers are invited in when the doors are open.
  • The doorway serves as a shop window, allowing customers to view the interior of the store.
  • Access is free for disabled individuals (wheelchairs) and people who use baby strollers, trolleys, umbrellas, and other similar items.
  • Assist in the control of draughty sensations.
  • Increases the amount of useful space available at entrances
  • Increases consumer and employee satisfaction

An hygienic and healthy environment

  • Assists in maintaining a healthy environment.
  • Employee absenteeism is reduced.
  • Insect and pest control
  • Airborne dust, pollution, gases, and foul odours are all blocked by this barrier.

Conserving energy

  • Reduces the amount of energy lost by the conditioned space.
  • Reduce the capacity of the central plant (heating/cooling).
  • Lowers the building’s operating costs
  • CO2 emissions are reduced.

Enhanced security

  • Because there is no physical obstacle, increase visibility and avoid collisions.
  • Reduces misting, dries up the doorway, and prevents ice from collecting on the floor in cold areas.
  • In the event of a fire or an emergency, easy escape through the exit doorway is possible.
  • Assist as a fire-smoke barrier (special application)
  • It is critical to choose the correct air curtain in order to get these benefits.


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