When You Should Seek a Speech Therapy for Your Toddler

Speech Therapy Adelaide

The arrival of a baby brings up lots of happiness to every new parent’s life. Their every small activity, poop, pee, crawl, giggle, walk, and talk make everyone adore them more and more. But what if your 2 to 3 years old kid couldn’t speak properly? Such a situation is scary for every parent and they find out addresses of the best; Speech Pathology Adelaide to cure their baby.

It’s a fact that toddlers can’t pronounce each word rightly, so getting hyper about their speech isn’t a major concern until they speak only a few words wrongly. But in a few cases, you should contact Speech Therapy Adelaide to diagnose the issue.

So, which are those cases? Let’s find them out here.

If they talk too little or even not at all

You can sense a few signs from your baby’s daily activities. If your baby is active, he will start connecting with everything so fast. He tries to speak every word that you or people around him speaks. He engages with you in every way, in terms of activity, speaking, eye contacting, and every playing inside the house. If your toddler could not speak or sense a few things at the stage of a toddler, you should take him to the speech therapist. During this age, your toddler might be understanding around 1000 words and try to speak around 500 words approximately. If this is not what happens with him, you should contact an expert.

Speak only a single word

At the age of 2, your toddler tends to speak a combination of two different words. And with growth, he can combine 4 to 5 words together to form a sentence. If he is not able to speak a full sentence this way, you should take it as an alert sign.

Unable to understand direction or orders

If he doesn’t react when you call his name, you should take it as a problem. Try to do a few activities like ask him to put something somewhere, tell him to bring something from a nearby place, ask him a few common questions, and try to let him speak small and easy words with you. If he can’t understand what you tell him to do or he isn’t able to follow directions properly, it’s time to detect his concern with the speech therapist. Expects can guide you on what to do and how you can make him speak things effortlessly.

Stuttering or stammering issue

While speaking the whole sentence or combination of 2-3 words, if he keeps on speaking any word repetitively, it is not a good sign. If this happens once in a while, it is okay. But if this is his regular pronunciation, you should seek help.

After going through the above points, if you feel your toddler has needed some speech pathology Adelaide assistance, you should give your thoughts and action. And, visit any nearby speech therapist to cure your kid as early as possible.

Source: When You Should Seek a Speech Therapy for Your Toddler


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