Why Consider Mentors With Different Lived Experiences?


Studies have shown that quality mentor relationships can lead to greater career success, improved confidence and a renewed sense of ambition and motivation. As such, there is much to be gained from a relationship where you are guided, challenged and encouraged.

It is human nature to gravitate toward individuals who are similar to us, whether in our experiences, personality, or values. We are typically drawn to those who are like us because we feel more secure in their presence and believe they are more likely to enjoy our company. While this is true in many situations, we are much more likely to learn and gain new experiences from people who are dissimilar.

Here is why it is beneficial to learn from a mentor who has had different lived experiences.

The Benefits of Difference

As we are drawn to mentors we share commonalities with, it takes a conscious effort to find and connect with someone who has had different experiences, challenges and successes. However, this doesn’t mean that they should be 100% different from you. Instead, a mentor who shares similar beliefs, goals or challenges with you but has a different, distinctive background than your own is ideal.

Diversity Of Thought & A Unique Perspective

A mentor with a different lived experience is able to offer a unique and refreshed perspective on your professional and personal life. 

By illustrating their own challenges and discussing how they overcame similar obstacles, despite the difference in background gives you the opportunity to explore different approaches and come up with solutions you wouldn’t normally think of. 

Gaining a new perspective strengthens your adaptability, making it easier for you to adapt to changes, face challenges, build resilience and welcome new and unique ideas, ultimately improving your interpersonal relationships and pushing you towards your goals.

Online Mentoring

Today, the internet has made mentoring more accessible than ever before. Traditionally, many individuals were limited to mentorships within the confines of their area or organisation, where they are not able to connect and build relationships with mentors regardless of location and background. 

With online mentoring platforms like Ruffle Mentoring, more people are able to connect with mentors who have dramatically different views, ideas, experiences and opinions. Ultimately, there’s much to be gained by intentionally fostering relationships with those different from us, and online mentoring provides the platform to do so.

Helping You Connect With Successful Mentors

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