Why do Indians not need visa for Serbia?



Residents of the Republic of Serbia venturing out to India need a visa, which should be gotten at the Indian Consulate in Belgrade. Starting around 2016, residents of the Republic of Serbia can apply for an electronic traveler visa, which is acquired on the web, for example the visa structure and going with archives are to be submitted on the web.

Indian eVisa Prerequisites from Serbia

The Indian Visa for Serbia Citizens/identification holders has been accessible as online application structure beginning around 2014 from the Indian Government. This visa to India permits voyagers from Serbia and different nations to visit India for transient stays. These transient stays range between 30, 90 and 180 days for each visit contingent upon the motivation behind visit. There are 5 significant classes of electronic India Visa (India eVisa) accessible to residents of Serbia. The classes accessible to Serbian residents for visit to India under the electronic India Visa or eVisa India guidelines are for Vacationer purposes, Business Visits or Clinical Visit (both as a Patient or as clinical chaperon/medical caretaker to the Patient) to visit India.

Serbian residents who are visiting India for diversion/touring/meeting companions/family members/transient yoga program/momentary courses under a half year in span can now apply for an electronic India Visa for Touristic purposes otherwise called eTourist Visa with either multi month (2 section), 1 year or 5 years of legitimacy (various passages into India under 2 term of visa).

Indian Visa for Serbia Citizens can be applied web-based on this site and can get the eVisa to India by Email. The cycle is very improved for the Serbian residents. The primary essential is to have an Email Id, a Credit/Really take a look at card in 1 of the 133 money related guidelines or Paypal. The electronic Indian Visa (India eVisa) is a power record that awards segment into and travel inside India.

The Application interaction

As the actual name proposes, the India Visa application process for an eVisa India (Indian Visa On the web) is executed altogether on the web. Voyagers are not expected to proceed to visit any Indian Consulate or Indian high commission or any related government office of India. The entire course of use start to finish can be handled on the actual site.

 Indian Visa complete guide , Assuming you end up visiting India for business purposes, you may be expected to give reference to the Indian organization where you intend to make your visit. The whole course of use on normal requires around a couple of moments (given your net association is turned out great). On the off chance that you stall out anytime, you can continuously contact and request help from the Indian Visa Assist Work area or contact Indian Visa client with supporting.


  • ‌Subtleties to be filled in the structure
  • ‌Your ongoing location subtleties
  • ‌Your legitimate email address
  • ‌ Installment to be finished through Charge/Visa or a PayPal account
  • ‌Conveying a decent person and clear from any criminal history

Indian Visa complete guide , The application structure will require you to respond to specific individual questions, character subtleties and essential identification subtleties. Whenever you have made the installment on the web, then, at that point, in light of the sort of visa you have applied for, a connection is sent to you through an email mentioning you to transfer your identification check duplicate. The checking of your identification for eVisa India (Indian Visa On the web) should likewise be possible from your cell phone. A photo of your face is likewise expected to be joined via the post office.


There are sure boundaries that you will be expected to follow prior to transferring the filtered reports, particularly your face photograph for the Indian Visa, for example, the size of the image, the nature of the image and so on. In this way, it is prompted you read the direction accommodated the examining of your photo and identification duplicate for the visa application process.