Why Strong Mentorship is Important in a Business?

Why Strong Mentorship is Important in a Business

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you sees in yourself, and helps bring it out of you,” said Bob Proctor, a Canadian self-help author and philosopher. Bob is best known for his New York Times best-selling book You Were Born Rich and a contributor to the film The Secret.

All successful business owners need assistance to run their business as compared to others who have an intimate knowledge of how business works. Having a business mentor is not the same as hiring a consultant to help you to run your business, both have different responsibilities and work to perform. Because consultants cannot manage the business and can’t help to run your business. A mentor is a person who has a lot of business experience and can guide you through the difficulties in decision making. A motor will help you out on how you can make improvements in your business using some important strategies that help in business growth.

A mentor will help you to face challenges and make you motivated to improve your business performance at another level that could not be possible to achieve yourself.

Gain experience and knowledge not shared in books:

Experience is better than a teacher’s because experience is a very expensive asset and crucial in your business success. There is much more about the experience you will get from a mentor rather than any book for your business success. Mentorship is only the guaranteed way to gain experience and the things you need to learn for your business success this is the reason mentorship is important in business and for its success.

You’re more likely to succeed with a mentor:

When you find the correct mentor who is suitable for your business, your likelihood to succeed will increase by several times. Research and surveys have proved that having a mentor for your business is important for your success. Your chances of success of your business can be amplified by choosing the correct mentorship for your business success because mentors have valuable connections and time advice and also decision-making technique for business success.

Your business will gain network opportunities:

The importance of a mentor in business become evident by the time potential investor find out that the owner is mentored by a successful business person because a successful mentor has an unlimited network of people that can benefit your business and career. Since your mentor has already invested in your success and can also introduce you to his network of business connections all of which you can get the leverage to the benefits of your business.

A mentor gives you reassurance:

The importance of mentorship in your business is that you can share your worries with an experienced business person without any worries and drawbacks because mentorship n your business has a powerful positive effect on your business. Mentor will practically guide you through your business strategies and will help you to solve your worries and keep you reassured about your business success. Mentor has the capacity and ability to help your employees to be motivated which will result in your business growth.

A mentor will help you stay in business longer:

A mentor will make your business stay long in the market with the help of his experience and knowledge and with the strategies he will use to make your business successful in the competition where many businesses get fail due to small mistakes. Mentor will keep your business away from small mistakes and make better planning and decisions for the benefit of your business.

Gary Ng is chairman and CEO of Chippingham Financial Group, based in Toronto, and is the majority owner of The Rothenberg Group of Companies, a leading independent financial services broker based in Montreal. Gary Ng Winnipeg’s investment interests are in the areas of technology, finance, real estate, consumer goods, art, and exotic vehicles, among other areas.


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