you can find beanies with fleece inside


You can still enjoy wearing hats, no matter what size your head is. There are even many very flattering options for larger head shapes so that you can enjoy these trends this year. Plus, you can find plenty of different styles for the seasons.

In this article, you’ll find the five best big hat ideas for people who have big heads. These hats will also be trendy this year, so keep reading!

1. Classic Beanie

To start, you can always enjoy wearing a classic beanie, no matter the time of year. These hats are perfect for fall and come in thousands of colors and designs. The best part? Beanies stretch, so they’re comfortable no matter what size your head is.

There’s a reason beanies are always in style too. These hats are simple and look outstanding with a variety of outfits. Beanies are affordable and simple, so you’ll see them everywhere.

Bright, colorful beanies are a lot of fun to wear and look great on everyone. You’ll also have the choice of simple or colorful designs, pom-poms, and if you want logos on the side. If you’re getting a hat for the winter, you can find beanies with fleece inside, which are extra warm during the coldest months.

Lastly, if you want to change up the style of your classic beanie, you can always add some pins to it. Many people do this to express their interests and personality. It’s fun to switch them out every once and a while too.

Overall, the classic beanie is very stretchy, so it can fit large and small heads— most of these hats will be a “one size fits all,” and you can wear them without issue. This year, the oversized beanie will be in style, too, allowing you to find perfectly comfortable fits for all-day wear.

2. Large Adjustable Baseball Cap

Next, the baseball cap is another classic, and it looks great on everyone. If you have a big head, you’ll want to choose one with a large adjustable band on the back. That way, you can easily set the size to fit you comfortably. 

Everyone should have at least one basic baseball cap. You can use these hats to hide a bad hair day, and they look great with any casual outfit. Plus, they’re good to wear when working outside since they can help protect your eyes and prevent your scalp from getting sunburned.

You can tell the cap fits correctly if it sits above your ears, with the middle of the bill aligning with the middle of your forehead. It shouldn’t be too tight, or you’re sure to get a headache after a few hours.,56601223.html

There are also tons of brands, designs, and colors that you can pick from, allowing you to choose a baseball hat that represents you the best. These caps have been in style for decades, so you have plenty of options!

3. Bucket Hat

Bucket hats also look flattering on big heads. They’re another great cap to wear outside because they offer protection from the sun around your entire face and neck. However, you can still rock them daily, making them very versatile. Most bucket hats are a bit stretchy, but you’ll still want to ensure you get the right size since they’re usually not as adjustable.

While we usually think of the summer when we see bucket hats, you can even wear them in the fall and winter without looking out of place. In particular, you’ll notice that knitted bucket hats will be popular when it’s cold outside.

Bucket hats also offer the advantage of making your head appear smaller. Since they come with a wide brim, they can slim your face down in comparison. 

In short, bucket hats are another great accessory you’ll want to have in your closet this year! They’re practical, fun, and stylish.

4. Sun Hat With Wide Brim

Next, like the bucket hat, a sun hat with a wide brim is flattering for those with larger heads. The wide brim makes your face and head appear smaller. 

They protect you from the sun and come in thousands of designs. Broad-rimmed hats are better for UV protection than baseball caps, so you’ll want to consider this option first if you’re outside a lot.

Wide brim hats are very in style in 2022, so don’t hesitate to experiment with them! These hats also have a classic, timeless design, so you’re sure to wear the one you buy. They make any outfit more elegant and remind us of the summertime.

In short, you should give a sun hat a try this year. These hats aren’t adjustable and aren’t stretchy at all since they consist of fibers, so you need to make sure you choose the right size. If you fall between two sizes, you should get the larger one since you won’t want to put too much tension on your head.

5. Large Beret

Lastly, you’ll want to consider trying out a large beret. This hat looks great on any head shape because you can tilt it at different angles for various effects, allowing them to suit anyone. Since they’re usually wool or other soft fabrics, they also offer some stretch.

Berets are another hat that’s always trendy too. They come in many styles, including the iconic French design, slouch, flat top, and military— plus more. 

These hats are also very warm, making them perfect for snowy days. Overall, these classic caps are perfect for everyone and are super comfortable to wear.

Hats are Flattering on Big Heads

Did you know that hats are extremely flattering on big heads, no matter the design? Hats make your head appear smaller, which is why many people subconsciously choose them. So, whether you want to try a wide-brim hat or a beanie, you will love them. Plus, pairing your hat with your outfit for the day is fun.

To summarize, there are tons of hats for people with large heads. You just need to make sure you choose one made from a stretchy material or in the correct size for the best results.